Prosciutto crudo and Speck

Cortebuona offers an extraordinary selection of Prosciutto Crudo with a wide choice of formats and processes: the "jewels" of the Italian Master Pork-Butchers (“norcini”) most recognized and appreciated in the world thanks to their processing and the long and skilful curing.

Prosciutto di Parma PDO

For the production of Prosciutto di Parma PDO, only legs from the heavy pigs of the Po valley are used, originating from the PDO protected circuit. The fresh leg is left to rest 24 hours in a cold cell, after which it undergoes the trimming and the various salting phases. The ham is stored for different periods of time in cells with different humidity and temperature levels.
It is then washed and hung from the traditional wood frames called "scalere" for the pre-curing phase, then the external surface is greased and prepared for the curing stage in cool and less ventilated cellars, where it slowly reaches maturity. Available sizes: whole with bone, boned or sliced.


Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO

The Prosciutto di San Daniele has unique sensory properties: sweet taste, tender on the palate, with an unmistakable fragrance. The legs are selected from pigs raised according to the PDO regulations, and are cured in the unique, perfect microclimate of the San Daniele hills in Friuli.
Available sizes: whole with bone or boned.


Prosciutto crudo Filò

A classic cured ham, with a sweet and delicate taste. Obtained from a careful selection of the best pork legs processed according to the traditional method. A slow curing in the hills follows.
Available sizes: whole with bone, boned or sliced.


Prosciutto crudo Filò

Selected raw materials are used for the production of this Prosciutto Crudo, skilfully processed with a traditional method and cured in the hills. The finished product has a sweet note and a refined taste, in line with modern consumption requirements.
This product is available in various sizes: whole with bone, boned or sliced.



This renowned speciality of the Alpine valleys is obtained from selected meat cuts. Careful smoking gives it a rich aroma and a strong taste, in which distinct notes of juniper and spices stand out.
Available vacuum-packed half.