Prosciutto crudo

Cortebuona offers the "jewels" of the Italian Master Pork-Butchers (“norcini”), the most recognised and appreciated around the world thanks to artful preparation and long and skilful curing. An extraordinary selection of Prosciutto Crudo with a wide choice of shapes and processes: an authentic heritage made of tradition and excellence, to rediscover the unique flavours that have made Italian charcuterie famous around the world. Go to the page

Cured specialties

The particular location of the Busseto plant, in the heart of the lower Parma area, is the real strong point of Cortebuona. Here, the craft traditions handed down by the Italian Master Pork-Butchers (“norcini”) with the most modern technologies. From the Culatello di Zibello PDO to the Coppa di Parma PGI, a heritage of Italian charcuterie made of tradition and excellence. Go to the page

Bresaola and Carpaccio

The special location of the Postalesio plant, in the province of Sondrio, the particular production technologies, the know-how acquired over many years of activity and the experience of the local Master Pork-Butchers (“norcini”) allow Cortebuona to offer a complete range of Bresaola, with innovative products, rich in taste and unique nutritional properties. Go to the page


Salami is the true Prince of Italian tables, symbol of the different traditions and typicality of every area of Italy. Cortebuona offers a range that encompasses the most popular and sought-after types, giving a complete answer to the different tastes and different consumption requirements. Go to the page

Cooked hams

The huge investments in research and development and the innovations in food technology have allowed Cortebuona to develop a plant dedicated entirely to the production of Cooked Hams and Roast Specialities. A complete line of products to meet any professional and market need. Go to the page


Produced in the Busseto plant, our range of Mortadella is very popular all over the world. Their preparation employs only finely ground select cuts, with the addition of lardons, flavourings and pistachios. Discover the whole range.  Go to the page

Baked specialties

The careful selection of the raw materials used in these processes, the recipes taken from the ancient traditions of our country and the innovative ways of cooking and browning make it possible to obtain a unique range of products. Go to the page

Free service

We have selected the best products of Italian cured meats and we offer them in convenient formats suitable for the home, for an unparalleled ease of use. Go to the page

Sliced meats

The modern production systems, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies used for slicing and storage of products, together with our rigorous quality controls allow Cortebuona to offer a complete range of cold cuts: the best of Italian tradition in convenient tray. Go to the page