Sliced Meats

The selection of the best raw materials and the most exclusive recipes are at the heart of the Cortebuona charcuterie of excellence, presented in three different ranges: Top Line in large trays; Classic Line in standard trays; Best Buy Line in small trays. The range is completed by a Catering Line for restaurants.


Top Line cold sliced meats are prepared with the same care used for selecting and producing whole salami products. Only excellent raw materials are used, sliced with the most advanced technologies to leave the sensory qualities unchanged. All the best typical products of the traditional Italian charcuterie. 



The Classic Line encompasses a full range of meats, offered in standard-size trays with elegant presentations, to fully enjoy the appetising look of the products.



The Best Buy line uses a smaller tray, with an ideal weight to afford the luxury of changing your choice of Italian charcuterie every day. A very wide range of cold meats, affordable while not sacrificing the quality and taste of the traditional Pork-Butchery (“norcineria”).